Sunday, May 2, 2010

One Active April

I HATE blogger right now. Sorry this update the pics are all over and I don't have the time or patience to redo the whole thing. Anyways... a lot happened during the month of April.
Our Hughie is crawling and starting to pull up on things. He loves his new scooter toy that he loves to just sit on. He is also running around the house in his walker and saying na na, ga ga, and da da. He has been teething forever but still no teeth! One became visible the other day and then his gums swelled up over it again. He has been so good during the process, so we can't complain.

This is the start of our 20x15 garden that we have been having fun prepping the land for.
We are hoping to start planting in another week or two.
We took a fun trip to Wisconsin to visit good friends from our island days. Between the three couples there are now 4.5 kids which made the trip extra fun. Below you see our friends sweet little boy Metz reading to Hughie. The strange part is that I use to be the one reading Metz stories when we lived on the island almost two years ago..yikes!

Here are the babies that we all had since the island days....what a cute bunch.

Our friends were so kind to make a delicious cake to celebrate Paul's birthday. The magical kitchen of my pal Kimi came back to life after a short hiatus where she taught me how to basically cook (God bless her!)

This is a pic of Hughie during the 8 hour road trip during a 1 hour traffic jam driving through Chicago.

Here is evidence of our cute mobile monster:)

This is my new $5 yard sale find that Hughie is in love with and is also pictured above b/c I can't figure out how to delete it...rrr! Sorry for the mess of a post! We hope everyone is healthy and enjoying Spring as much as we are...until next month;)

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Krista said...

Fun trip! I wish we had known about the reunion because Josh and I are in Chicago right now. Love the dark hair Kimmie... and what happened to Cort?